Intentionally Brave

Grow your courage professionally & personally.


Feel free and courageous in your life professionally and personally.

Online courses, in person workshops, conference keynote speaker or retreat facilitator requests, webinars & coaching/mentoring available.

Be Brave Professionally & Personally!


Be confident and be Intentionally Brave in your decisions and actions. As a leader, speaker, entrepreneur, content creator or whatever role you are in, be intentional. Grow your courage and stretch your comfort zone.


Even when you create learning materials, or training curriculum, do you reach and teach your audience in a style that is beyond the way YOU like to learn? Trying new things is stretching our comfort zone, however when we do this we can REACH & TEACH a larger variety of learning preferences.


To be an leader who inspires others, we must keep learning and growing.


Here you will experience online learning which fits into your life. Register for this engaging online experience.


Includes three live webinar recordings, weekly individual activities, learning content (videos and text), creative resources (for your personal/individual use), materials and access to the INTENTIONALLY BRAVE Mastermind group.

  • 25 Engaging Videos
  • 21 Downloadable & Printable Resources
  • 35 Self-Paced Modules

This course will light-up your desire to be Intentionally Brave, in your everyday actions and decisions.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase your courage to take Intentionally Brave Actions.
  • Put learning into practice through weekly activities.
  • Stretch your ability to think positive about your own possibilities
  • Learn ways to interrupt thinking patterns

Learning that fits into your life. Join Today!


Leaders Inspired Online program


Check out this montage of video clips from our YouTube videos, and list of ways we serve. Stay tuned for upcoming resources, workshops, and services.

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There are times in life personally and professionally where we take a U-Turn, or have to intentionally switch lanes.

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I try to be Intentionally Positive as a leader, entrepreneur and creator. Sometimes we need to push out negativity, personally or professionally.

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Regier Educational Services inspire you to Intentionally Lead, Live & Learn; Professional development options include: online courses, facilitation, workshops, and keynote or guest speaking. Innovative educational resources are developed based on practical experience and evidence-based research.

Patricia is passionate about creative and quality learning experiences in workplace and community settings. If you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker, or workshop facilitator contact us.

Intentionally Lead, Live & Learn.


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