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An entrepreneur builds a new nomad life. Tayler shares her intentionally living brave journey, as a virtual entrepreneur, house-sitter and solo traveler.

[Links for Tayler’s resources at the end of the blog post, including her blog: Traveling Tayler: Talking all things working remotely, traveling on a budget and house sitting. Blog/Transcript below includes pictures from Tayler’s current trip to New Zealand, and Australia.]


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Travelling Entrepreneur Intentionally Living

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Intentionally Living

Intentionally Living


Patricia Regier:  I am super excited today that Taylor Gill is joining me. We’re going to be talking about living intentionally, building a business, being an entrepreneur and becoming a nomad.  She’s definitely been intentionally brave! Welcome Taylor to this meeting together.


Tayler Gill:  Yes, thanks. Thanks for having me.


Patricia Regier:  So, we have different things that we could talk about, and a lot I would love to hear about. First of all, if you want to give a little bit of background, I know this year you picked the word intentional and I’m not sure how many months now it’s been since you moved from the United States to New Zealand. Please tell me about that amazing, courageous journey.


Tayler Gill:  Yeah, so I left actually nine months ago now. I got a working holiday visa for New Zealand, so I can stay for a year. And I spent probably about a year and a half really planning my journey here. Because I had a full time corporate job, so building my side business, which started as a virtual assistant. So building that up and quitting my job, moving back home with my mom. And really just getting myself set up to be living in New Zealand, and be able to actually stay here for a full year. So it has been quite a journey. Definitely at least two years now since the time that it’s sort of entered my brain to actually go into the whole process and now being here.


Tayler in NZ

Tayler Gill


Patricia Regier:   It’s pretty amazing and exciting to look back because it is around that two year mark where I left my full time director position, didn’t know what I was going to do next, then went three weeks backpacking in Europe and that’s where you and I met. We were staying in the same hostel. It feels so weird that that’s where we met, in Brussels, Belgium. And then when I came back, I decided it was time for me to start my business. We stayed in touch, and not long after that you decided to leave your job and start your business and then started to plan your year travelling. It’s just so amazing and neat that we met two years ago and we’re kind of on this similar journey with leaps of courage and steps forward, with actions towards our dreams.


Tayler Gill:   Yeah. I mean, you were a few months ahead of me because you had already left your job, but it definitely I think that’s kind of what brought us together and is so crazy to me that, yeah, we were in the same hostel, and it was only one night too. It wasn’t even an extended period of time, but we just sort of went on this journey together and found support in that. A lot of our meetings have just been: how’s it going? What’s happening? How are you doing? And that’s been really cool to just be a part of that with you.


Patricia Regier:  Yes, it’s pretty neat. It’s amazing how even though with the geographical distance between us, that we stayed in contact. Our similar path of leaving jobs and starting a business. It was awesome to work with you as a virtual assistant for some projects (Inspired Learning Personality Quiz) and be able to connect virtually. Then you took the Intentionally Brave online course while I was doing the initial launch of it. It’s just such a cool thing that we’ve been on this journey taking totally different paths. You’re across the world literally, in very different time zone for us to match up for this meeting.


Tayler Gill:   Yes, I am in the future a whole day 😊


welcome home sign



Patricia Regier:  Yes! So, tell me a little bit about living in New Zealand. You’ve been house-sitting? That is just such a different & exciting experience.


Tayler Gill: Yeah. So I had always known about the working holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand and does cut off at age 30. So that was it, I was 29 and told myself okay, it’s now or never. And that was a big reason why I finally kind of just went for it. It had been in the back of my mind for a very long time and I picked New Zealand over Australia and it’s just been really, really great. I had my Visa, I quit my job. I knew I was coming, but I didn’t know really what I was going to do once I got here. I really didn’t plan a whole lot. Then, a few months before I left I connected with some house sitters. They have been housesitting full-time for seven years and they teach others how to go through that process, how to set up your profile, how to have those meetings with homeowners and the things that you need to know.


Tayler Gill: I thought YES! That’s it! That’s what I want to do. That sounds right up my alley. And it’s been a really cool way to see New Zealand. I stay in hostels in-between my house sets. I meet a lot of different people that way. And it’s funny to me because my experience of New Zealand has just been so different from their’s because I try to live more like a local when I can and be less of a tourist. That has always been the direction I’ve headed. I did an internship in London right out of college and that was sort of, my first introduction to living in a foreign country. I realized, oh, my experience was so much richer than when I just go on a week or two week long trip, and I just hitting place to place.


Tayler with koala

Tayler Gill


Tayler Gill: And actually that Europe trip that we were both on at the same time, was a 10 day trip for me. That’s when it kind of clicked. These trips have their time and place. There’s nothing wrong with them. And I do them every once in a while, but that’s not how I want to travel full time. So housesitting has been really amazing way to meet locals, have some animal company because taking care of the home owner’s pets, it just so sweet.  I get to see different areas of the city as I’m housesitting. I’ve recently stayed in suburbs outside the city. I got to see what it was like for people to actually live and work there;  and that’s much more enjoyable to me than spending every day hopping around doing touristy things.


Tayler Gill: I think I went into the city center maybe twice and I did all the things I wanted to see. New Zealand itself has been really amazing. I’ve been able to see a lot of different areas of the country and travel when I’m not housesitting. Now, one of the friends I met once I got here, has a lifestyle property here and brings people into her home. I have a place to stay for a few weeks with her, just kind of helping out around the house. It’s been definitely a great decision. I don’t regret it at all.


adult woman at airport


Solo Travel


Patricia Regier: Fantastic. Talk about intentionally living! You are jumping into this whole new life and potential opportunities, not feeling stuck in that nine to five regular job. The world has literally opened up to you. That is such a great way to afford full-time traveling! Doing the housesitting and you’re building a business, which takes time as well. I’m in the thick of that (building a biz). You’ve done a lot of solo traveling which is so inspiring. Do you have some thoughts on why women in particular, but anybody should do some solo traveling?


Tayler Gill: Why should people solo travel? I just think you learn so many different things about yourself. So it’s actually funny. Sometimes when I meet other people, I briefly think that I wish I had a travel partner just to take on some of the responsibilities. You make decisions all day long and that can get really taxing, even if you’re not really doing a whole lot. It’s the same reason why you go on vacation and you come back tired. It’s because everything’s new, you’re processing new information. But I also think that when you’re responsible for making all of those decisions and sort of following your gut instinct or kind of going outside your comfort zone, on your own, like choosing what to do that day, you learn a lot more about yourself. I know solo travel is not for everybody, but I do think that even if it’s in within your home country, it’s a great experience.  I used to travel for work a little bit.


Tayler Gill:  I think did a weekend trip to Portland one weekend and signed up for a city food walking tour. We went to different restaurants, but we also learned some historical aspects to the city. The people I was with on the tour, were all traveling with others and they just could not believe that I was there by myself. And I thought/said, why not? I wanted to go to Portland. I wasn’t going to be able to come otherwise waiting for other people to figure out their schedules or their finances. So that’s what it’s always been about for me, just making sure that I had the experiences that I want to have and not feeling like I have to wait for other people to come with me.


Tayler Gill:  The more I’ve done it, the more courage I had. I always tell people to start small, go to the movies by yourself or eat lunch by yourself at a cafe. As you do those little things, then the bigger stuff, like going a weekend trip, doing solo international travel becomes a lot easier. It’s something that you can’t really wrap your head around, you just need to do it. So yeah, there’s definitely downsides to being a solo traveler. It can be more challenging to meet people at times. There are times where I wish I had a friend here, or I’m really tired & I wish someone else would just decide what we’re going to do. But overall, I would say it’s been a really great experience for me and it’s given me a lot of confidence that I can do so much more.


Tayler in NZ

Tayler Gill


Tayler Gill:  Right now I’m in New Zealand, but I do plan to travel to other countries where I don’t speak the language and being able to just have that confidence and tell myself that I can figure it out. I can figure out a train system, they all kind of work the same. I can figure out how to order at this restaurant. So, it just gives you that confidence, “I can do this!” So, I think there’s a lot of really good things that come out of doing it by yourself. Like I said, even just starting small and doing something locally or even in your own home country and build it up over time.


Patricia Regier:  I totally agree! When I took those leaps of courage and people kept saying to me, I’m so brave. That’s what set me on that journey of creating the workshop and then the course for being Intentionally Brave. I didn’t feel particularly brave, I was just following what I was feeling led to do, but my confidence and courage grew by taking those steps forward. I also recommend to people: to go to the movies or go eat at a restaurant by themselves, to start with. I don’t know if you knew that just a couple of weeks ago, I did a week in Orlando, Florida by myself, and did Disney solo.


Tayler Gill: Yes. I saw it online.


Patricia Regier: Okay. Good. I’ve been just putting together those vlogs (on YouTube) and even just seeing my own journey of feelings from the beginning of the solo trip week to the end, was interesting.  I didn’t vlog on the Europe trip. Vlogs can be almost like a video diary. It was interesting to observe the feelings I had at the beginning, the messy feelings, weird feelings, awkward feelings. Then how then I started embracing where it was at and the benefits of being by myself. I meet more people when solo travelling, and that’s why you and I met to. If I traveled with someone else in Europe, I would not have met all the fantastic people that I did. This is pretty inspiring and fantastic. So, now you also have tried something else, completely different, can you talk about the face roller? How did that come about? That’s once again jumping into something really interesting and new.



purchasing on phone

Another New Venture


Tayler Gill:  Yes, well, I would say that’s probably the scariest thing that I’ve done. For me personally, really investing in it, and going through that process. One of the things I knew was, with traveling was I wanted to diversify my income. I have my virtual assistant business, but that’s still relies on me trading time for money when I am traveling. I wanted to be able to create more of a passive income and also an additional income in case I lost a client, that I still have multiple revenue streams. So that’s where the idea came from. And actually the friend that I’m staying with now, she is an online course creator and she created a course to get into eCommerce and she was going through the process with us. She was also brand new, but had a couple of experts come in and we all went through the process together. The class had weekly coworking sessions and it was just really, a great way for me to dip my toes in it. I was working with someone who I respected, that I knew was an expert in the field, and to kind of go through it together.


Tayler Gill: So, that’s how it came about. I spent about six months researching and getting samples and just figuring out how to do something so completely out of my comfort zone. I can’t tell you how many times I was so terrified and then like just send the email like you get so paralyzed sometimes by that fear. So it was actually a really great exercise for me to continue to just push that through that and say, no, this is a great option. You have to try it and just see if that works out. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay. I think that’s the other thing, sometimes we think everything has to be a success and so it paralyzes us.


Tayler Gill:  But then once you start accepting that everything does not have to be a success, you can tell yourself “You know what? I can try it.” I can give it my all, I can see if this will work, in the end and I can always decide I don’t want to keep doing this and that’s okay.  So, I landed on  my third product idea, that I kind of went through the research process with, a jade face roller (and they’re becoming a lot more popular). There are kind of everywhere. I travel with one now. That’s how much I love it, that it’s made it into my suitcase and my packing….. my ONE suitcase. It’s really great!  I’m selling it on Amazon to start with, and launched it in December and sold out in two weeks.


Patricia Regier: That’s exciting, congratulations!! That’s really amazing to jump into something so different (ecommerce) and like you said, stretching your comfort zone. Sometimes we have ideas and we don’t act on them, we don’t push forward at all. [ I will put the links to your business and the face roller and all of that also in the description here too.] So, you sold out and so then you had to do another batch?


Tayler Gill: Yes. I was messaging  my supplier: “Oh my gosh, I need more.” So it does take a little bit of time, but I am back in stock now and it’s an interesting process because that was right before Christmas, now I get to see purchasing patterns change from Christmas time to a non-holiday time. It’s still another learning curve and learning process, but I’m really enjoying it and we’ll see what happens with that. It’s kind of unknown right now really.


@travellingtayler picture in NZ

Intentionally Brave


Patricia Regier: That’s really exciting and I will definitely have to order one as well. You’re embracing all those learning curves, all these changes. That’s what I think is really being intentionally brave and intentionally living, is all about. Fear, worries or anxiety can stop us from doing a lot of great things that aren’t easy. There are bumps in the road, there is a lot of learning, and like you said, we may decide, okay, some things work, some things don’t, but we’re still trying and doing it. It’s thrilling. That’s really fantastic!


Tayler Gill: On that topic of being intentional, you mentioned at the beginning of our talk, that my word for the year is intentional. Which I started doing about four or five years ago and I’ve really enjoyed setting a word for the year for myself. But a lot of that came out of last year 2018 was really a year of learning. I took in so much information. I tried so many different things or I thought I wanted to try things. By October I realized I was stretched way too thin; I was trying to do too much. At the same time I love this living in a new country. I was housesitting, therefore I was moving houses every two to three weeks and getting into new routines every two to three weeks, which is a lot of new information.


Tayler Gill: A big reason why I chose that word for this year specifically was to make sure that I was being intentional with my time, with my finances and just where really which is with the direction of where I wanted to take myself on this journey. So last year, I was “let me learn everything and figure it all out.” By the end of the year I realized I needed to create a little bit more boundaries, to be intentional with what I wanted to do and see where that takes me this year. Last year I felt like I was sort of floating along.


Patricia Regier: That’s fantastic, really wise words! When we’re jumping into such massive changes in our life, it is easy to want to do it all, take it all in and learn to the point of overload. I love learning but there can be a season of too much learning or too much change. There is a need to find a different rhythm or pace, and that’s a learning in itself too. When our worlds have completely changed, literally, finding that rhythm, or new pace is important. I think also realizing that life has seasons is helpful. Even with starting a business, there are seasons. It doesn’t happen overnight. We must give ourselves that time, space and grace that this is a journey, and it’s totally worth it. But it is a journey, it is not an overnight drop into something all at once.


Tayler Gill: It is very much a journey.



Chasing Failure


Patricia Regier: Is there anything else that you want to share today? I know there’s so much more we could talk about, but we’re kind of wrapping up some thoughts.


Tayler Gill: Yes, I would say my next thing that I’m starting, because there’s always something else, I want to do, is I to get my travel blog up and running. And so that should be launched in a couple of weeks. So I can get you that link once it’s actually up and ready to be viewed by the public.


Patricia Regier: Awesome.


Tayler Gill: But I think like just on a general level of being intentional … I told you that the age thing, but the visa, the solo trip to Europe, that was sort of my first, “I can do this”, then “I’m okay”. But I also read a book about what we said it earlier, how you just do something. The book was literally called ‘Just Do Something’. And every time that I do, because I definitely get stuck in my head. I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert and I came this place and I just think, and I brew and sometimes I just say to myself “You know what; Just do something”. It doesn’t matter what it is. There are no right or wrong choices. There’s just choices. And then whatever happens, you just have to handle the consequences. But each one is a journey. Each one is a learning opportunity.


Tayler Gill: And the more things that you do, the more things that you learn and then you’re able to make from your own personal perspective, better choices in the future. But it all starts with just doing something.  And there’s another really great person who I frequently roll through my head. His name is Ryan leak and he is actually a pastor down in Texas. But he wrote a book called, I think it’s called Chase Failure, but the theme of it is to chase failure. And his whole thing is just he actually has a video on YouTube as well you can Google and look it up. But his thing is chasing failure got him further in life than chasing success ever did.


Tayler Gill: I frequently remind myself that when I think to myself, “Oh, you’re going to fail or it’s not going to do well, or who are you to even be doing these things?” That’s a frequent thought I think entrepreneurs have. At the end of the day, I’m going to chase failure because if I fail that at least it’s because I tried it, but maybe I’ll actually succeed and do better than I ever thought I could have done. So those I would say the things that keep propelling me forward are those two things. Just do something and chase failure. And it gives me a lot more confidence.


Patricia Regier: That’s awesome! That is really encouraging, and you have shared so many wise words! These are things for us to think about, unpack and put into our lives as well. We’re (Regier Educational Services & Leaders Inspired) all about intentionally leading, living and learning and going forward with resources, services and information. We are talking about taking in and observing, whether it’s mentors or other people that are walking along similar journeys, we can take encouragement from each other. We’re all in this, we’re all trying, there’s ups and downs and but I love that, “Chasing failure” because we’re really trying new things and exciting things can come out of it.


Patricia Regier:  Thank you Taylor, for spending the time with me to do this video so that we could share with other people all of these exciting things and concepts to think about. [To Audience] I appreciate all of you joining us today as well. It would be awesome if you would like this and subscribe, hit the notification, and check out the description. I will put Taylor’s links as well and some different resources that you might want to check out and I’m just thrilled to have this time and space to learn and give each other on this journey energy and encouragement to keep going! I’m Patricia Regier, this is Tayler Gill, thanks for joining us! Thank you Taylor so much!!



Tayler Gill:


VA Website: https://taylergill.com/
Travel & House Sitting Blog: https://travelingtayler.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelingtayler/
Tayler’s Face Roller: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J4J9T62



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