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Commemorating / celebrating 6 months since we met and started our mentorship journey. Conversation between Leaders Inspired & Your Inner Leader, about being Intentionally Brave, and how does a mentorship journey start through Instagram.  [Includes Stephanie’s Take-Away’s so far, the contract/agreement we created during this journey and our vlog.]



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First Meeting Jitters


Stephanie still remembers how nervous she was the first time she met Patricia. Feeling like she was heading to a job interview, she did a lot of prepping and research.


We both had full agenda. We knew this going in, because we were upfront about our schedules and our time commitments. What was not so straight forward was the structure of our mentorship. It was, and still is, an ongoing organic relationship. There was no clear set agenda or contract right away. We did communicate expectations and explored how this venture could unfold.


Both mentor and mentee work together to create content and support each other. [Patricia supports Stephanie by sharing the entrepreneur journey and ‘behind the curtain’ knowledge. Stephanie supported Patricia with blog content, and next participated in vlogs, also giving Stephanie the opportunity to learn through the experience.]


We did some research and decided to put together a contract or terms of reference for clarity, parameters and expectation for our mentee/mentor venture. The contract was not right away, because the organic journey highlighted aspects that should be included in a communication document. We kept the venture informal in order to be open to unexpected learning and discoveries that this venture could offer. We intentionally trusted the process and each other. This was possible because of good communication, asking questions, clarifying thoughts and trying to not make assumptions. Going forward with confidence, was after meeting and informally ‘interviewing’ each other with initial conversations. Stepping forward with courage.



stephanie & patricia chat





What Stephanie  (Mentee) has taken away from the experience:




  • Courage
  • The value of reaching out and connecting
  • The value of verifying your feelings
  • Not feeling alone
  • Encouraged
  • Supported
  • Friendship
  • Value in the mentoring process




  • Design Techniques – Canva, Pexel, Logo’s, Webdesign
  • Branding
  • Networking skills
  • The value of hashtags
  • The role of social media





Over the last six months, Patricia and Stephanie worked together to explore numerous topics and support each other through out their individual journeys. Celebrating each other’s ‘small and big wins’. Together, they have developed a new found confidence in the work that they are doing and reassurance that what they are putting out into the world is positive and influential.  Together they have gained a new creative outlet through the organic process of this mentorship venture.


It takes courage to reach out to someone. It also takes courage for someone to accept the invitation to open up their life and their journey.


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The Journey Is Not Over … It Has Just Begun!


Patricia and Stephanie are excited to continue this venture. We will continue to figure out how to continue walking alongside each other. The future holds many positive things for this venture – joint ventures, workshops and much more!


It is exciting to look forward towards exciting possibilities. We are taking a moment to reflect on the moments that brought us together; in addition to celebrating and acknowledging the space and time that we’re in.


It is very special to recognize the chance we took. It was an opportunity to be Intentionally Brave and Intentionally Lead, Live & Learn everyday. We are constantly learning, getting to know each other, and our businesses. We will continue to support each other and be Leaders who Inspire!





Mentorship Agreement Template

For your use and revisions: Mentoring Agreement_template




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Stephanie Lakeit-Hall @YourInnerLeader has an extensive background in Operations Management, as well as project management.She has a diploma in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management.  Followed by a degree in Business Administration. Stephanie has just completed her MBA in Global Leadership. She is looking forward to using her education inspiring future leaders.






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Patricia Regier

Patricia Regier is a speaker, facilitator, consultant and content creator.  Passionate about  inspiring people to INTENTIONALLY LEAD, LIVE & LEARN.  Expertise developing programs, building collaborative partnerships and providing workplace education. Master of Adult Education and BA in Psychology pairs academic knowledge with practical experience. 


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