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Patricia Regier and Stephanie Lakeit-Hall celebrate six months from meeting each other through Instagram! This Blog Post, Part One is packed with information about the beginning of our mentorship journey or venture. Check out the fantastic infographic that Stephanie created, and a vlog that Patricia recorded on the way to meeting for the first time. [Part two includes Stephanie’s Take-Away’s so far, and the contract/agreement we created during this journey.]



The Beginning!


Patricia was running her own business Regier Educational Services.


Stephanie had just finished my MBA. She was looking for something more. She was not satisfied in current position and was looking to connect with like minded people. But she really wasn’t sure what that looked like and if it existed in her area.



It All Started On Instagram


One day Stephanie was scrolling on Instagram and came across a post by @LeadersInspired (page by Patricia Regier/Regier Educational Services). The post that Stephanie saw was something that she really felt connected to.  It led her to go further and look at the whole account @LeadersInspired Account. This led her to Patricia’s website Regier Education Services.


Stephanie was so drawn to the contented and felt so connected to what Patricia was doing she decided to do something she has never done before. Reach out to Patricia via Instagram to see if she was available to meet for a possible mentor/mentee relationship.  We live in the same area, so meeting and forming this type of relationship was something that may be possible.


Patricia messaged Stephanie back (to her surprise!).  Patricia receives many messages online, but this message felt different. She felt the authenticity in the message. Patricia shares content on Instagram in hope of reaching, impacting and inspiring people


first post stephanie liked first instagram messages




The Journey


After messaging back and forth a few times we set up a date and time to meet face to face to see if a mentor/mentee relationship was possible and beneficial for both.  Reaching out and connecting online is pretty neat. However, meeting in person was a new level!


Patricia recorded a #TrishTalks vlog about her thoughts on the way to meeting Stephanie for the first time.  Check it out ….






First Meeting Jitters


Stephanie still remembers how nervous she was the first time she met Patricia.  To Be Continued….


Check out next week’s blog, Part Two!


Find out what happened next, Including the Mentorship Agreement Template download.

Sneak peak by looking at the infographic below. (By clicking on the picture below, it will open up to a page with a bigger view.)



Created By Stephanie
























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Guest Blogger


Stephanie Lakeit-Hall @YourInnerLeader has an extensive background in Operations Management, as well as project management.She has a diploma in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management.  Followed by a degree in Business Administration. Stephanie has just completed her MBA in Global Leadership. She is looking forward to using her education inspiring future leaders.






Principal Blogger


Patricia Regier

Patricia Regier is a speaker, facilitator, consultant and content creator.  Passionate about  inspiring people to INTENTIONALLY LEAD, LIVE & LEARN.  Expertise developing programs, building collaborative partnerships and providing workplace education. Master of Adult Education and BA in Psychology pairs academic knowledge with practical experience. 


To request more information about learning and development opportunities, or book Patricia as a speaker please use the contact form below, or Email 


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