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Learn how to reach your audience with variety. For speakers, content creators, course creators, presenters, facilitators and workplace trainers.

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Reach Your Audience Online Program: Leaders Inspired


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to reach the variety in your audience
  • Discover what lights people up and how to infuse this into your training
  • Grow in your content creation skills, and get creative
  • Wow your audience, so they are engaged and don’t tune you out



Course: Innovative Learning Content Creation


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Innovative Learning Content Creation course will expand your abilities and tool box of resources. This is for trainers, speakers & course creators. Get a behind the scenes look into a variety of platforms, with step by step guides, hot tips, and inspiration to expand your skills. If you create learning resources for employees, volunteers, community members, clients or audience members, this is the right course for you. Take our online courses, attend our online workshops, or ask us to facilitate an online learning experience for your group.



Course: Reach & Teach With Variety


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REACH & TEACH: equips speakers, leaders, volunteer coordinators, trainers, entrepreneurs and course creators. Expand your awareness about the variety of learning preferences and how to incorporate this into your content creation (training materials and resources or communications). Get your creative gears turning and light up your team or audience’s learning experience! This is a Train the Trainer, or Content Creator, Next Generation, level-up opportunity. Light up your audience’s learning experience, instead of tuning you out. Train or present beyond the way you like to receive information.

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Regier Educational Services helps you reach your audience, so they don’t tune you out. Professional development options include: online courses, facilitation, workshops, webinars and keynote or guest speaking. Innovative educational resources are developed based on practical experience and evidence-based research. Service provider for professional speakers: Update your presentation tools (PowerPoints, Videos) and resources to reach the variety in your audience. Reach your audience with the support of Regier Educational Services.

Patricia is passionate about creative and quality learning experiences in workplace and community settings. If you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or services to level-up your presentations and communications, contact us.

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