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Type of Expertise


Multimedia Content Creation, Online Courses, Adult Learning Preferences

Intentionally Lead, Live & Learn.


Patricia helps leaders (speakers, facilitators, trainers, entrepreneurs, instructors, course creators) have greater impact with their audiences. She excels in creating outside the box innovative learning experiences, training resources/tools, social media and multi-media content that lights people up and inspires results! Patricia can help you incorporate the right amount of variety into your presentations, course/training materials and promotional content so you connect with your audience, employees & customers. Learn how to “reach and teach” the people that currently ‘tune out’ during training sessions and instead provide an experience that lights them up with enthusiasm, so they can apply what they learn.


Patricia creatively combines theory with practical experience. She has a Master of Adult Education and twenty years working with a variety of sectors on inter-agency partnerships and learning resource development/facilitation.


Services include:

  • Training about a variety of mediums, tools and platforms to create
  • Video editing your current YouTube videos that need some laying/level up
  • PowerPoint review/revisions (consultation and/or learning experience design)
  • Ecourses/Online learning content creation, or review/revisions
  • Mentorship: Start creating YouTube/social media content
  • Keynote speaking; guest speaker and/or workshop facilitation
  • Content creation: workshops, resources/tools; bite size/just-in-time


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More updates are yet to come, stay tuned through our weekly blogs and videos! Contact us to book a free consultation.


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Patricia Regier is a speaker, facilitator, consultant and content creator.  Passionate about  inspiring people to INTENTIONALLY LEAD, LIVE & LEARN. 


Expertise in content creation & learning resources tools across mediums, which engage your learners/audience/employees. Master of Adult Education and BA in Psychology pairs academic knowledge with practical experience. 



To request more information about learning and development opportunities, or book Patricia as a speaker please use the contact form below, or Email 


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Regier Educational Services helps you reach your audience, so they don’t tune you out. Professional development options include: online courses, facilitation, workshops, webinars and keynote or guest speaking. Innovative educational resources are developed based on practical experience and evidence-based research. Service provider for professional speakers: Update your presentation tools (PowerPoints, Videos) and resources to reach the variety in your audience. Reach your audience with the support of Regier Educational Services.

Patricia is passionate about creative and quality learning experiences in workplace and community settings. If you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or services to level-up your presentations and communications, contact us.

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