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Designing & Facilitating Adult Learning Experiences

  • Helping you reach and engage the variety in your audience. Showing you how to thrive as an online facilitator, so your participants light up through the experience. Update your presentations, training materials, multimedia communications, courses and workshops. (Online, in-person or hybrid learning experiences). Ensure that your virtual workshops, presentations and team meetings get the results you are looking for.



  • Workplace training, professional development, courses, workshops, consultations, learning experience design, virtual meeting leadership & facilitation. We can host your next meeting or workshop online, and support your virtual facilitation skills development. Need a production partner? We have you covered.



  • Expertise in multimedia and visual content creations that engage your employees, learners and audiences. Tools used include: ZOOM, Canva, YouTube, PresenterMedia, PowerPoint, and much more!



 Services include:

  • Speaker tools, training resource development and ecourse creation
  • Online facilitation, individual training & production partner support
  • Consultation and custom learning experiences

Reach Your Audience


Content Creation: Updating & Creating Training & Educational Tools

Speaking & Facilitation: Virtual Learning Experiences & Production Partner

Online Courses: Engaging LIVE & self-directed online learning experiences

Consultation & Training: Custom one to one training and consultation services

Coming Soon: Membership Access to Resources, Courses, Live Workshops, & Special Rates for Services for entrepreneurs, speakers and facilitators.


*ELEVATE Skills & Confidence ~ *INTEGRATE Tools & Knowledge ~ *ACCELERATE Results & Impact

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Content Creation Services: Help for your content creation, PowerPoint Makeover, Level-Up your current training materials, and video editing overlays. Helping your create bite size learning resources and tools that reach your audience.



Reach and Teach Your Audience. Learning Innovation, to engage your team and participants. Create and improve your presentations, workshops and seminars. Ensure that you are reaching your whole audience. Review the list of keynote and workshop topics. Learn how you can infuse more variety into your presentations and training materials.



Online learning that fits into your life. Learn how to reach your audience with variety. For speakers, content creators, course creators, presenters, facilitators and workplace trainers.


Months of Opportunities

Weeks to Create

Days to be Inspired

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Regier Educational Services


Engage & Reach the Variety in your Audience


Online Courses, Virtual Workshops, eSpeaker, Facilitation & Production Support/Partner, Content Creation; Consultation; Resource Development; PowerPoint Makeovers; Video Editing/Creation; Multimedia; Learning Experience Designs, Professional Development, Training. (Online, in-person or hybrid learning experiences).


Service provider for professional speakers: update your presentation tools and resources to reach and engage the variety in your audience.


Support for organizations, leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and facilitators: Taking their in-person meetings and training to online platforms. Helping you keep people engaged, supported and motivated.


Mission: Support leaders to reach, wow and grow their audiences. Get repeat business, referrals and results, because your presentation and training materials connect with a variety of learning preferences.


Values:  Inspired Learning Experiences; Learner Centered; Respectful and Innovative


Philosophy: Create light bulb moments within inspirational experiences. Professional development which is attentive to diverse learning needs. Innovative resource creation merges research, with practical application. Applying learning in a timely manner is part of knowledge retention. Supporting entrepreneurs, speakers, workplace trainers, course creators, facilitators, and leaders. “All learning should be engaging, online or in-person, no matter the topic.” Communication is Learning!


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Regier Educational Services helps you reach your audience, so they don’t tune you out. Professional development options include: online courses, facilitation, workshops, webinars and keynote or guest speaking. Innovative educational resources are developed based on practical experience and evidence-based research. Service provider for professional speakers: Update your presentation tools (PowerPoints, Videos) and resources to reach the variety in your audience. Reach your audience with the support of Regier Educational Services.

Patricia is passionate about creative and quality learning experiences in workplace and community settings. If you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or services to level-up your presentations and communications, contact us.

Reach Your Audience

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