Scheduling Social Media Posts


A look around the app LATER


Scheduling Social Media Posts


Another episode of ‘Tools I use’: LATER is the scheduling app I use to plan my social media posts. This platform allows me to be more efficient and intentional on how I spend my time.  You may also listen as a pod cast. This Blog’s Top 10 Reasons why I use this tool, along with the video/podcast will provide a look behind the curtain at this platform.


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Why I Use This Tool

  1. 1. Using a social media post scheduler helps me manage my time more efficiently
  2.  2. I can go on a vacation, or take a social media break, and still engage my audience
  3. 3. Later allows me to see what my posts look like in Instagram
  4. 4. I can upload videos and pictures, as well as copy and paste my descriptions
  5. 5. I can reuse posts that I have already created, multiple times, just tweaking the description slightly
  6. 6. I can plan ahead and be more strategic in my online communications and marketing
  7. 7. I liked being able to use Later for free, before I decided to pay for the next level plan
  8. 8.I started paying for the next level, because I wanted to upload videos and work farther ahead in my schedule
  9. 9. I love being able to post across a variety of social media platforms at the same time
  10. 10. I can edit each post separately, so that the information fits to the character count allowed, in each platform



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Coming Up: More Tools I Use & Behind the Curtain:

  • Editing My YouTube Videos
  • Year in Review
  • PowerPoint Hot Tips


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Patricia helps leaders (speakers, facilitators, trainers, entrepreneurs, instructors, course creators) have greater impact with their audiences. She excels in creating outside the box innovative learning experiences, training resources/tools, social media and multi-media content that lights people up and inspires results! Patricia can help you incorporate the right amount of variety into your presentations, course/training materials and promotional content so you connect with your audience, employees & customers. Learn how to “reach and teach” the people that currently ‘tune out’ during training sessions and instead provide an experience that lights them up with enthusiasm, so they can apply what they learn.


Patricia creatively combines theory with practical experience. She has a Master of Adult Education and twenty years working with a variety of sectors on inter-agency partnerships and learning resource development/facilitation.


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Patricia is passionate about creative and quality learning experiences in workplace and community settings. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker, workshop facilitator, or services to level-up your presentations and training materials, contact us.

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