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It’s time for a brief break for me to focus on a few projects and get them ready for you. In the meantime there is a plethora of resources, including there are three years of videos, blogs and resources for you to browse! These tools and information are to help you reach the variety of learning types in your audience. Let me know what topic would provide you the most help. Your requests help shape my content creations. (Check out the plethora of resources below.) Plus if you keep scrolling to the bottom, additional links to tools I use, and other resources are at your finger tips.  Enjoy checking out the plethora of resources these next two weeks. See you soon!!


During my pause from regular programming, I will complete a client project that is on the go, and always welcome new projects and referrals!  I’m just hitting pause on the daily posts, and weekly new videos & blogs. This is just for a week or two. I have great content already filmed, but I need to sort out, what is the highest priority. Thank you in advance, for sticking with me! Check out the PLETHORA of  great resources I have curated for you:


Some resources that you may not have viewed yet


Train the Trainer, Workplace Learning Playlist of  40 Videos/Blogs:



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Some Blogs to Read/View


Podcast Versions of  Older Videos/Blogs


Right now you may be working on new collaborative projects, to move your training online, or create new policies and procedures. Here are some keys to partnership success:

A lot of engagement and leadership is now online, including if you have clients, customers, volunteers or your team you are trying to engage. Videos are a great way to reach, engage and train your audience. Heather and I talk about taking your engagement to the next level:


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patricia shown on computer screen, showing her desk, mic, mug and set up for an online workshopPatricia with Regier Educational Services, helping you reach and engage the variety of learning personalities in your audience. Education includes a Master of Adult Education, a BA in Psychology, and twenty years experience developing and facilitating workplace, community and collaborative training.  Online learning experience facilitator, and workshop trainer. Utilizing teaching adults best practices, and innovative multi-media resources to emphasize your message. As a content creator, speaker, and facilitator, learning experience design ensures that the variety of people in your audience are engaged.


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What We Do


Expertise: Multimedia Content Creation, Engaging Variety Learning Types & Online Workshop or Meeting Hosting.

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Services include:

  • Production Partner, supporting your online learning event: We do more than tech
  • Content Creation Services  (Tune-up Your Tools)
  • Speaking & Group Facilitation (Online & In-Person Workshops)
  • Consultation & Individual Training

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Regier Educational Services specializes in creating engaging online learning experiences. Turn an audience into participants and enjoy online facilitation. Services available include: consultations facilitation, training and learning experience designs. Professional development options include: online courses, workshops and consultations. Innovative educational resources are developed based on practical experience and evidence-based research.

Patricia is passionate about creative and quality learning experiences in workplace and community settings. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker, workshop facilitator, or services to level-up your presentations and training materials, contact us.

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