Diversity & Inclusion

Conversation with Crystal D’Cunha


Thank you to Crystal D’Cunha for this great chat!


Diversity and Inclusion are important topics for not just right now, but as an ongoing intentional priority for workplaces, training spaces, and all of our communications and social media posts. Join the conversation and intentionally take steps and action.



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Some Take-Aways & Actions:

  • Intentionally Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone
  • Intentionally Include Diverse Images in Promotional & Training Materials
  • Include: Diverse Cultural Backgrounds and more!
  • Better Late Than Never – Time is Now
  • Don’t Be Silent!
  • Let’s Come Together!
  • Keep Learning: Educate Yourself, Do Your Homework
  • Ask Questions
  • Pick Culturally Diverse Movies, Food, Books & Music
  • Talk with People from Diverse Backgrounds & Experiences
  • Create Respectful Learning Spaces and Workplace Environments
  • Stretch & Grow Our Awareness Beyond Our Current Bubble
  • Go Beyond What You Look Like & Explore New Cultures
  • We Can All Impact Diversity & Inclusion


Tomorrow’s Event:


June 24 Complimentary webinar series, that dives into conversations around race, diversity, & inclusion right here in our region. Esteemed panel of speakers will share action items & answers to the question “What can I do to action change in Niagara?”


Get the Inside View with Crystal D’Cunha:











Regier Educational Services Event This Week:


Thursday June 25:  YouTube, Behind the Curtain


When you upload to YouTube, there are key actions to help people find your video, and also be able to connect with your business/organization.  Take a look around, behind the curtain, to see what is possible with your videos:  Brief introduction to: Uploading Videos; Tags (Not Hash Tags); Thumbnails; End Screen; Cards; Playlists; Subtitles and more. Don’t worry I will explain what all of these are.  This will be a practical look behind the scenes, even if you hire someone else to manage these tasks.


LIVE: Thursday June 25 at 12 pm EDT 





YouTube Behind the Curtain




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