Are They Just Fluff?


Are They Just Fluff?


At the beginning of a new year, and especially at the beginning of a new decade, vision boards are popular. I talk with Lesley Calvin from Positive Forward Motion about the value of Vision Boards, and discuss if it’s all fluff. Lesley is a speaker, coach and trainer; she is a leadership and energy expert. We both facilitate workshops and have used vision boards as an activity. Lesley and I have also created vision boards for our own personal and professional goals. Listen to our podcast or watch the video (including Time Stamps) below, and find out what rabbit holes we go down. There is a lot of learning gold in this conversation. Review some break-out points from our conversation below. Thank you Lesley!


'Inner work drives outer success.' Lesley Calvin @LesleyCalvinClick To Tweet




'No better time to create a vision board, then right now, when-ever this right now is.' Lesley Calvin @LesleyCalvinClick To Tweet


Beyond Visualization


Writing down goals increases the ability to reach your goals. This occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • You are intentionally taking actions towards those goals
  • You are reminded what your vision is, and what you should be working on, or focusing on
  • Stretch goals, help you get farther than you would have without looking farther ahead
  • Vision boards can be a practical way to dive deeper, beyond ‘wanting to be happy’ (Lesley)
  • Vision boards can be motivating and encouraging, and aid positive self-talk
  • Vision boards are a great way to look back at what you dreamed of, and how far you have come


Vision Board Example

Vision Board Example: Made in Canva

Words of Encouragement or Caution


Some Pointers

  • Don’t let perfectionism, or fear of failure stop you from creating a Vision Board
  • Creativity and fun, can spark innovation and positivity
  • Use a vision board to help motivate you. It’s also a way to inspire actions/steps towards your goals/intentions
  • It’s OK to not reach your goals, you can keep trying, and work on it
  • You can tell others and share, for accountability, or keep it to yourself
  • Leaders can use vision boards as a tool in the workplace
  • Speakers and facilitators can use vision boards as an activity for learning
  • You don’t have to always use magazines and cut/paste (but that is fun & relaxing), you can create a vision board on-line too
  • Even if you don’t want to share your vision board with others, put it up on the wall, to remember
  • If you forget about it, you can always remind yourself about your vision/goals again. It’s never too late, and false-starts are OK
  • Be kind to yourself, but “Reach for the stars, and even if you land on the moon, you have gone far!”




Vision Boards As A Tool


  1. 1. Training Tool/Activity
  2. 2. Team Building or Ice-breaker
  3. 3. Strategic Planning
  4. 4. Action Steps/Intentional Goals
  5. 5. Visual Learning
  6. 6. Active Hands-on Learning
  7. 7. Organizational Vision Boards, or Individual
  8. 8. Professional or Personal Goals
  9. 9. Create for the year or decade
  10. 10. Now & Future; or Current Challenges & Opportunities
  11. 11. Use pictures, words, multi-media, online or off-line








What Other’s Say (Some Stats)

Forbes Article ‘Survey Shows Visualizing Success Works’, 2016

Huff Post ‘The Scientific Reason Why’, 2017




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